Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have spent the past 2 months acquiring and  reading the Puranas.

I have obtained

Ramayana (sankrit with english translation)
Garuda Purana 3 vol
Varaha Purana 2 vol
Bhrama vivarvata purana 2 vol
Vishnu Purana 1 vol
Narasimha purana 1 vol (Sanksrit with english translation)
Markendaya Purana
Garga samhita
Shalpa Shastra
Vayu Purana
Linga Purana
Bramha Purana
Brahmanda Purana
Kurma Purana
Matsya Purana
Padma Purana
Hari Vamsa Purana
Narada Purana
and Puranic Encyclopedia

and of course Mahabharata which I already have

I still am looking forward to the Skanda and Agni Purana

I have been making a character list and getting info on the characters I am using for The Illustrated guide to the vedic universe 270 characters and 30 locations (more to come) and at least 80 animals plants and miscellaneous things like swords and bows and customs like the different marriages and swayambaras. Just working off of Mahabharata, and Ramayana have gotten over 800 pages down. watch out purranic encyclopedia.

I will post a list of the characters soon

We will be relaunching our Fundraiser for The Illustrated Guide to the Vedic Universe this summer Hopefully this year we can be successful.

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