There is a crying need for an illustrated guide to the Vedic universe (the universal view as explained by the Vedic texts).

We are creating an illustrated reference guide depicting the People, Places, Things, and Beings mentioned in the Vedic literature. Each section will contain full descriptions and illustrations based on authentic source material, with references and historical photographs. 

For example we will list:

Places (Planets, Divine realms, Hells and everything in-between)
Beings (Gods, Celestials, Demons, etc.)
Persons (Heroes, Saints, Devotees, Demons, Devas, etc.)
Things (Chariots, Divine Missiles, Air Ships etc.)

More than just an academically authoritative work, the book will be filled with beautiful, living, color illustrations of the subjects, as they would be in person.

This book would further function as an aid and authoritative guide to any and all derivative works (Media, Publications) which may be produced in the future by ourselves or others.

The book itself will be approx. 400 pages and contain between 800-1,000 illustrations from our pool of qualified artists.

About us:

In 2004-05 Rasikananda and myself (Jagannatha) were chosen to be part of a team making a video game based on the Vedic epic Mahabharata. I was the creative consultant and script writer as I have spent many years living in Ashrams and studying the Vedas and Puranas and Epics and was renowned throughout the community as a story teller of these epics. Rasikananda is a graphic designer and techie in general and was a creative consultant, as well as texture and branding artist. We were flown to India to set up the studio and worked on the project for almost a year, which ultimately was put on hold. During that time I spent thousands of hours researching, studying and compiling information on this subject matter which required many details and personal interviews with persons who would not talk to any other westerner on some of these nuances. 

We have now decided to use this information to publish The Illustrated Guide to the Vedic Universe. We have assembled a crew of artists from both east and west and are making a very professional presentation of this subject to attract the hearts and minds of not only the Indian people themselves but also the rest of the world.