Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There is a need for an illustrated guide to the Vedic universe (the universal view as explained by the Vedic texts).

We are creating an illustrated reference guide depicting the People, Places, Things, and Beings mentioned in the Vedic literature.

Each section will contain full descriptions and illustrations based on authentic source material, with references and historical photographs.

For example we will list:

Places - Planets, Divine realms, Hells and everything in-between
Beings - Gods, Celestials, Demons, etc.
Persons - Heroes, Saints, Devotees, Demons, Devas, etc.
and Things - Chariots, Divine Missiles, Air Ships etc.

More than just an academically authoritative work, the book will be filled with beautiful, living, color illustrations of the subjects, as they would be in person.

This book will further function as an aid and authoritative guide to any and all derivative works (Media, Publications) which may be produced in the future by ourselves or others.

The book itself will be approx. 400 pages and contain between 800-1,000 illustrations from our pool of qualified artists.
The funds required are to cover the costs of the artists, researchers and publishing.

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